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Security ATEX Two Way Radios


ATEX Two Way Radios for Security Sector

Anyone involved in the security-sector industry will confirm that workers often are utilised in other businesses that have sometimes extremely dangerous environments that include explosive atmospheres. The EU in 2003 passed legislation for standardization of safety and standards for wireless two way radios to ensure that in those circumstances that these communications devices cannot create explosions on-site.

You cannot simply use regular two way radios on any site that has explosive atmospheres - and there are so many, bakers, wood yards, oil refinery, logistics, gas, chemical, nuclear... the list is almost endless. There is also the DSEAR regulations to consider.


The Highest Safety Levels Matter!

Imagine causing an explosion from using a wireless radio or walkie talkie - it's a very serious subject and could cause massive damage and cost many lives. But like anything else, ATEX wireless radios include many models and brands that most customers may not even have heard of, let alone trust their workers safety with. get it wrong and it could literally close your company overnight. Ensuring the right 'fit' between any company and product is not always as easy as some might imagine and only with specialist insights from people that have sold this type of equipment for years can ensure that the products you choose are best suited for your exact needs. Trying out an ATEX radio on-site is far better than simply choosing a radio and hoping! That is why we offer trials to customers so that we can perfectly match customer requirements.

Health and Safety Enhancements

While the ATEX intrinsically safe radios are essential, some customers also love the other refinements available on some of the radios such as lone worker and/or man-down options that are even included on some handsets. These H&S ( Health and Safety ) options are usually very welcome by our customers and it's often just a matter of giving great advice from one of our consultants to marry up the right intrinsically safe radio to the right customer. We have very extensive experience in doing this and can also loan you radios to ensure that the products we offer are exactly what you need for your security business employees.

We have no bias towards any brands and sell them all! so we can offer you the best solution exactly for your needs.

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