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iCOM Intrinsically Safe ATEX Two Way Radios


iCOM Two-way Radios


iCOM has been around since the early 50's, but that does not mean that their radio equipment is in any way out of date. In fact iCOM equipment has many features that are not always found on other equipment. Using the very latest surface mount technology the iCOM ATEX radios are very reliable and robust.

The IC-F51 and IC-F61

The ATEX versions of the IC-F51 and F61, conforms to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive. The IC-F51 series is a waterproof PMR transceiver whose construction is equivalent to IPX7 which is the same rating as our marine handheld models. In addition, built-in signaling capabilities and UT-110 compatible voice scrambler function eliminate the need for an optional logic board. The IC-F51 series meets the requirements for a tough, waterproof communications tool for use in hazardous areas such as oil rigs, areas where flammable gases or liquids are used, and other potentially explosive environments. * Equivalent to IPX7 of the corresponding International Standard IEC 60529(2001). 1m depth for 30 minutes.

There are two models of the iCOM F series covering VHF or UHF operation (licensed).

Features include

  • ATEX Intrinsically Safe version Conforms to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive II2G EEx iB IIA T3
  • Tough & Compact Body
  • Waterproof protection equivalent to IP67
  • Standard Lithium-Ion Battery Pack supplied
  • Multiple 5-Tone
  • Built-in Signaling
  • Optional Speaker Microphone
  • Alphanumeric LCD
  • Programmable Functions
  • Built-in Rolling Type Voice Scrambler (UT-110 compatible)
  • Wide, Middle & Narrow Channel Spacing
  • BIIS 1200 Built-in
  • Built-in Compander
  • SMA type ANT Connector
  • MIL Spec. tested to MIL-STD F
  • Up to 128 Channels & 8 Memory Banks

Brochure Download

Examine the downloadable brochure here. However, because there are many ATEX and intrinsically safe radios on the market and some are better than others for certain applications we would prefer to discuss your needs and we can recommend specific radios that will meet your requirements exactly. Sometimes there is also the DSEAR regulations to consider.

We offer a complete price match policy and as we already supply some of the biggest companies here in the UK you can be sure that as well as a great price we offer an incredibly good service and support.

Please note that we can supply ALL brands of ATEX or regular wireless two way radios and can supply actually cheaper than your current rental costs if you rent radios. We completed a deal with a client that saved them over £13,000 in annual costs against rental.

Please fill out the form below and we can then contact you for a free consultation so that we can recommend an exact match for your needs.