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Marine & Other Sectors ATEX Two Way Radios


Submersible ATEX Two Way Radios for the Marine Sector

This section of our website covers everyone else that needs ATEX intrinsically safe wireless two way radios. As you see we have highlighted the marine sector but in reality there are many other sectors of business that need radios for explosive atmospheres such as bakeries, agriculture, manufacturing, military, emergency services and others.

If you need a waterproof ATEX radio then we have a number available that meet the ATEX specifications and are even submersible in water so that the radios can be used in what is usually an extremely detrimental environment for two way radios.

Back in 2003 the European Union imposed legislation that must be adhered to for protection of workers and the public in hazardous explosive environments. These standards are applicable to the United Kingdom currently and we do not see any way that the legislation will ever be revoked. It is critical that all involved in any business where explosive atmospheres exist that they use the right radios to avoid explosions and threat to life. There is also the DSEAR regulations to consider.


Avoid Expensive Mistakes.

There are numerous brands and models of intrinsically safe radios it's enough to give you a headache! But getting a radio that does not meet the requirements of what your business needs in terms of specifications or pricing cannot really be an option, you would regret it later. Choosing any ATEX radio on either price or brand name is a big mistake because often the specification and options is what really matters... what works for your company in the best way it can will be the 'right' radio for you. Two way walkie talkie radios and matching them to customers needs is exactly what we do and we have years of experience with this.

Our consultants and sales staff are able to offer you free advice (which is completely unbiased because we sell all brands and models) regarding the perfect ATEX radio for your exact needs, whether waterproof, submersible or with other features that could significantly improve your communications in difficult environments of working. Trials are also something that we can give to serious customers to ensure that anything we recommend will be the best solution for your company and the safest solution for your needs.

Lone Worker Benefits

Included on some ATEX two way radios are sometimes other options that can dramatically enhance your company's health and safety benefits such as lone worker or man-down features that can be very beneficial especially in difficult working conditions. Companies have a legal responsibility to ensure workers operate in a safe environment and have to have systems in place to accommodate and promote that safety aspect. Some radios do exactly that... but there are differences and choosing the wrong radio could render that option useless for your company. It is critical that you get the right radio for your exact needs. We can help you to get your perfect radio solution and we can and will even allow trials to ensure that the products we recommend are perfect for your business and staff.

We sell all brands and models of ATEX intrinsically safe and submersible, lone worker and man-down radios so our advice remains unbiased, we only recommend what is best for you and our bottom line is secondary where we give any kind of advice. Some companies are different.

Please do tell us about your basic needs and complete the contact form below; we will get back to you very quickly.