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Fire & Emergency
Safe and Secure Wireless Radio Communications
High Quality ATEX Emergency Radios
Offshore Oil & Gas
Complete Safety from Oil, Gas or other Hazardous Materials
Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radios
Security Anywhere
Security Using Two Way Radios in almost any Environment
COSHH Compliant Wireless Radios
Marine Sector
Completely Waterproof Wireless Radios for Professionals
Submersible Two Way Wireless Radios
Medical & Emergency
Working Environment Safe Communications for Hospitals
Gas Safe Two Way Radios for Medical Staff
offshore oil and gas

Safe wireless two way radios for Gas and Oil companies and working environments.

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ATEX Radios
Gas & Oil
chemical nuclear sites

Radios for use in the chemical and nuclear industries safely.

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Safe Communications
Chemical & Nuclear

Intrinsically safe two way radios for the security business.

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ATEX Radios
marine use

Marine, military, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, bakeries, pharmacautical, wood yards and more.

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Other Sectors

Intrinsically Safe Wireless Radios

ATEX two-way radios are critical to ensure you work safely. These devices are designed to work in hazardous environments for example where there is danger of explosions by using wireless radios; areas such as gas works, bakery, offshore oil, manufacturing and logistics among other sectors all need intrinsically safe equipment to stay safe.

We are here to help you determine which radios are most suited for the work you do and  we are always available for advice and support. We have all the top brands that lead in the ATEX wireless radio sector like Entel, Motorola and iCOM but we can supply any brand or accessories and if you need reapirs then we can help.



Fully Submersible

The ultimate in two way radios and submersible waterproof ability

Intrinsically Safe

No matter what your environment of working these radios are completely safe.

Lone Worker Man Down Features

Some radios have lone worker and man down options available - ask for specifics!

Health & Safety Protection

ATEX standards confirm that these radios offer protection for workers regarding Health and Safety in explosive atmospheres.

IP Ratings and Category IV Standard

IP67 and ATEX II, 2, G, EX, IB, IIA and T4 categories of standards

Hazardous Environments

We can supply radios to work in all hazardous environments. Compliant with DSEAR Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002

Compliance with COSHH

Fully compliant with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health standards.

Used in Multiple Sectors

Fire & Emergency, Yachts, Offshore Oil and Gas, Military, Manufacturing, Logistics, Agriculture, Chemical, Nuclear, Bakeries, Pharmaceutical, Woodworking and more.

The Leading ATEX IP Rated Wireless Two-way Radio Brands!

Entel ATEX Two Way Radios

Completely submersible and ATEX standards the Entel brand is a leader in manufacturers.

Motorola ATEX 2 Way Radios

Motorola offer many radios at varying price levels to meet the requirements of most customers.

iCOM ATEX Walkie Talkie Radios

A very well known brand of wireless radios that are tried and trusted to perform at the highest level.


Incredibly Robust Entel Radios

Many marine clients buy Entel from us because of the waterproof standards offered, but Entel are also used throughout industry.

Motorola Superior Technology

Motorola MOTOTRBO radios are a newer brand of intrinsically safe products that have some added features over and above some other brands.

iCOM Tried and Trusted Brand

Some companies might well be using iCOM branded wireless radios and we can supply the ATEX radios and all accessories.

** Please note that we can supply a large number of brands of ATEX and intrinsically safe walkie talkie radio products and we can advise through direct communications of the communications device that will suit your environment best. Remember that we sell ALL brands and models of ATEX and intrinsically safe two way radios and the above are simply brand examples. We don't operate a 'shop' mentality when it comes down to safety. Call us on 01782 537000

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Who is behind ATEX-Radios.com?

We are Long Range Systems UK and we have been involved in the communications industry since 2001. We supply some of the largest companies here in the UK and Southern Ireland. We are known for far more than radio equipment too - in fact we're the UK office of a pager manufacturer from Dallas TX, USA. We supply a substantial number of business sectors and if you want to find out more or examine the other products we offer please do visit www.lrsuk.co.uk but you can also call us on 01782 537000.

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