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Gas and Oil ATEX Two Way Radios


Intrinsically Safe ATEX Radios for the Oil and Gas Sectors

Of course oil and gas environments offer an obvious potential for explosion from the explosive atmospheres that are inextricably linked to those sectors. It could be a lethal combination to use regular two way radios instead of the ATEX standard radios and the result could literally be lethal. European government passed legislation in 2003 to ensure that sectors of business that have potentially dangerous environments could only use 'intrinsically safe' ATEX radios for their workers and anyone on-site.

Any location that could be subject to explosion such as gas or oil facilities or anywhere that there is dangerous explosive atmospheres requires specialist radio communications. There is also the DSEAR regulations to consider.


Safe not sorry!

It's one thing understanding that ATEX radios are what is needed for a particular site in the oil and gas environments, and some might say that 'any brand is satisfactory'. But that approach would not be taking advantage of getting the best radios with the most suitability for your exact needs. Our very experienced sales and consultants can easily guide you to the right products - and remember we're not biased towards any brand (we sell them all) - we just want the best match for our customers. We can also offer trials of the ATEX radios so that we can ensure perfect matching to your needs.


Other safety features

While it is critical to ensure ATEX safety standards in these sectors of business, there are other health and safety aspects that can easily be addressed with additions (often as standard) to the radios by way of lone worker or man down support. In fact our company also supplies the H&S aspect workers with other equipment throughout the UK and Southern Ireland to some of the largest companies there are.

We do NOT promote specific ATEX radios on this website and don't intend any time soon because we really don't assume that customers often know everything about our speciality - one reason  we don't operate a 'shop' on this site like other companies do, but we prefer to discuss client requirements and make very specific recommendations that meet clients exact needs without any bias towards any brand or model of ATEX radio.

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