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Chemical and Nuclear ATEX Two Way Radios


ATEX Radios for chemical plants and nuclear installations

Any where that there is a potential for an explosion - is not a safe working environment for regular two way radios. Manufacturers have made what is known as 'intrinsically safe' radios that are made to very specific standards. These 'ATEX' standard radios can be used anywhere that for example a spark, flame or heat might set off an explosion on-site and could cause serious damage and loss of life. Where chemicals or indeed nuclear operations are going on there is a massive safety issue and using regular radios is simply not an option.

In the EU in 2003 a law was passed to ensure that intrinsically safe equipment made to a standard is used by people working in that environment. Clearly health and safety in the environments where there is a explosive atmosphere must be adhered to, and the ATEX legislation of 2003 enforces that law throughout Europe. There is also the DSEAR regulations to consider.


Safety first

There is no doubt that chemical and nuclear industries require ATEX radios but often customers have difficulty in understanding which brand or model of radio would best suit their needs and that is where we come in. We have experienced sales and consultancy staff to guide you to exactly the right radio and we can even allow you to test radios on your site so there is absolutely no question about suitability for your exact needs. Many companies do not do this but we do.


Lone Worker or Man Down Coverage

Many of the ATEX radios we can supply have a built in lone worker or man down facility (or both) that is often a requirement and can protect your employees as the law requires for those aspects of safety too. We have been supplying those types of solutions also for many years and supply many of the top companies in the UK.

Please contact us directly regarding ATEX radios and speak with one of our consultants - we can supply all brands but its far better to supply radios that meet your exact requirements rather than just selling any old radios as is often the case with many companies on the internet today.

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