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Hytera Intrinsically Safe ATEX Two Way Radios


Hytera Two-way Radios



The Hytera range of ATEX radios while is small, the radios meet the requirements of the legislation applicable and offer many features not always found on other transmitting radios. Sometimes there is also the DSEAR regulations to consider. This radio is DMR Digital, carries a two Year warranty, is IP67 Water-proof, ATEX IIC standard and can operate in Dual mode (Analogue/Digital).


Incredibly safe and reliable

Hytera PD715 Ex / PD795 Ex are designed to meet the strict requirements of European ATEX and North American FM standards. With certifications for ATEX, IECEX, the latest FM and CSA specifications, our radios work safely in most hazardous environments even with the presence of hydrogen and dust particles. The overall design complies with the latest American Military Standard-MIL-STD-810G which means it can stand the harshest environments such as high / low temperatures, high humidity, vibration and shock.

As well as being an advanced DMR handheld digital two-way radio, the PD795 features clever ergonomic design, digital functions. class leading build quality and ATEX IIC intrinsically safe compliance. With its superior digital voice clarity messages get through first time, every time. Whether they are digitally encoded voice messages or emergency calls. To facilitate gradual migration towards digital radio, the PD795 Ex allows operation in digital and analogue mode - automatically detecting the mode of the calling radio and responding accordingly.


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High audio quality with reliable communication using DMR Technology

benefitting from the advantages of DMR digital technology, PD715 Ex / PD795 Ex provide superior audio quality and stable communication performance with 40% less battery consumption when compared with analogue radios. DMR radios provide better communication quality, enhanced privacy and reduce overall equipment costs.

The blue outer case assembly is designed to stop static charge on the radio.

Hytera PD715 Ex / PD795 Ex provide a dedicated emergency button and man down feature. If there is an accident, a press on the orange emergency button will trigger an alarm and initiate a voice call to a pre-programed employee or group of people. Built-in man down, GPS and lone-worker functions are also available with the digital portables.

Specifications are extensive, but factually we always prefer to discuss customers requirements so that we can help to recommend an exact radio for specific customer needs. While on the internet there are many companies simply selling what ever they want to, we prefer to sell what our customers actually need.

We offer a price match against any UK company (we do need to see a copy of the quotation), but more importantly, we offer better support and service than any of them.

We sell all brands of intrinsically safe ATEX wireless two way radios as well as regular licensed and license free radios. If you currently rent equipment then we can even save you money. Recently we completed a deal where the customer was paying £18,000 in rental costs per year and we saved them over £13,000 against those bills for new equipment that far out specified and operated the old equipment they were using.

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