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LRS UK supplying communications solutions since 1989

Key Points

UK Office  ...

We are the UK office of LRS USA based in Dallas TX who manufacture incredible paging and communications solutions that we sell throughout the UK and southern Ireland.

ATEX Specialists ...

We specialise in all kinds of two way radios but have a small team of dedicated staff that have great success in pairing great products to exacting customers needs.

Great source of accessories ...

We supply the largest companies in the UK and have incredible pricing costs so we can sell to you and pass on those savings - and our warranty and service remains second to no one.

An excellent company to deal with ...

LRS UK has had a UK office since 2001 - find out more ...

Our UK office for LRS equipment has been open since 2001, but we have been operational in the UK since 1989. Our history includes many types of communication solutions such as health and safety emergency call buttons, information technology systems, internet services including hosting, specialised mobile phone contracts (business only) and other technology related solutions.

Our paging systems and solutions are world famous brand leading products originating from LRS Dallas, TX, USA and we supply an incredible number of businesses in the United Kingdom and over 25 different sectors from hospitality, health and safety, logistics, warehousing, opticians, manufacturing, marine, corporate, healthcare and NHS and many more.

It is worth contacting us for intrinsically safe paging systems too. While LRS does not manufacture intrinsically safe paging systems we are partnered with leading brands in that specialist area that can certainly meet all of your criteria and needs.

Our internet services and business mobile phone departments are able to help customers with their respective specialities and can in the case of the business mobile phones often reduce mobile and landline phone bills trememdously.

We are a small but very strong company and this ensures that next time you call us (unlike many companies these days) that we will still be here to help and support you for the foreseeable future.

Please do call us on 01782 537000 anytime we're open and we are more than happy to help you with your inquiries or communications needs.

Thank you for visiting APEX Radios.